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The Purpose of Kissograms, Kissagrams and Kissergrams

A kissogram is a nuanced alternative to a male stripper or strippergram, in the sense that the kissogram's main purpose is to deliver the recipient a hug and kisses on the cheeks with a recited wishful message thought up by the sender. It's often considered as the ultimate birthday present surprise. Often lookalikes or a very handsome man who you wouldn't typically see on the street is requested to perform this service in a sexy uniform or fancy dress costume to make it an exciting experience or fantasy for the birthday girl/ special occasion. The sender often has an idea what the recipient would love in the way of being whisked off her feet. For example a hunky James Bond or George Clooney lookalike for a lady's 50th... A kissogram may stay partially dressed in a sexy outfit if it's performed in a very public setting or perform a tasteful striptease routine to satisfy the audience. It's often popular with an older crowd at dinner parties who are celebrating a birthday and fancy a tamer version of the male stripper or strippergram who in contrast will perform a fully choreographed dance routine leading up to the 'full monty' strip. It can also be considered a greetings card with a difference! To complete the experience photo opportunities are possible at the end.
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